Our Story

Our Story


Condor India is one of the leading professional real estate companies of India, and the largest owners of Real Estate in New Chandigarh, with over 3000 acres in land bank. comprising both commercial and residential properties including educational institutions, hotels, plotted developments for sale, ultra-luxurious villas, premium apartments and integrated townships spread across south India. With more than 7 years of industry experience, Condor India is recognized as one of the youngest and most respected companies in the real estate space in Mullapur, New Chandigarh.

For those who marvel at the landmark buildings of the city, Condor India has been one of the prime architects of iconic buildings. Condor India as a brand reverberates loyalty, connected on Technology and powered by trust and quality. Condor India ushered in the apartment culture and pioneered the concept of joint development projects with leading developers for commercial and residential properties.


To be the most respected and progressive real estate brand that will catalyse the industry and play a significant role in the building of a new and a better India, suited for the evolving life and lifestyle of its people.


We will be a model real estate organisation: institutionalized and adopting best practises in every sphere.

We will aim to successfully leverage significant opportunities across the real estate spectrum, by being fully integrated and present in all verticals and horizontals that demonstrate potential. We will follow utmost professionalism, in management and in structure, and build the best team and workplace in the industry.

We will build the Condor brand to make it widely known and highly regarded, by continually striving to earn and maintain the respect of our peers and stakeholders. We will abide by the tenets of the Condor brand which have helped us win market success over the past three decades, and continue to build and nurture bonds of lasting value with all our stakeholders.

We will constantly think ahead and establish the Condor brand in the long term, by anticipating, innovating and delivering to tomorrow's opportunities, trends and needs.


Aim beyond what is easy to see: Always target far and high, aim to look and go beyond what's in easy sight.

Dream twice, not once: Dream in our mind, Dream in our action.

Believe in self-first: We must believe we can do it, only if there's success in the head, can we achieve success in the real world.

Enjoy the adventure: We must enjoy our work, be adventurous, we have nothing to lose everything to gain.

Innovate to secure: We must keep in touch with the latest developments in our field and keep bringing new ideas to our customers, to continually surprise and delight them.

No Substitute to hard work: To achieve success, we must welcome hard work and hardships.

Win with pleasantness and humility: Arrogance may help us succeed once or twice, but will drive people off in the long term. We never lose anything with humility and pleasantness though, but always win in the long term.

Never compromise our name: Our name is our badge of honour. We must always protect it by honouring every commitment we make under its name.


As a renowned real estate brand, Condor India is driven by an innate urge to provide world-class experience to its customers and stakeholders in every which way. Condor India sturdily follows the philosophy 'Thinking Ahead', which is building today's vision into tomorrow's living. It is about sustainability, integrating affordable housing with world class infrastructure and amenities. Condor India as a brand reverberates loyalty, is connected on technology and powered by trust and quality.

By channeling its unique legacy and expertise into a sustainable vision that engages every level of its human capital, be it management, staff, customers or partners, Condor India's mission of 'Thinking Ahead' reverberates along the entire value chain.